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Central Italy (Umbria or Lazio)

"Sacristy cupboard", 16th century. Walnut wood, drawers' inner lining made of poplar wood, cm 282 x 154 x 69 (among which 49 inserted in the wall)

This is an extremely rare, carefully refined piece of work, both in terms of its type and dimension. The front side is made with solid walnut. Its lower part consists of five drawers, while half a drawer marks its centre. The handles are made of bronze using the lost wax casting technique, and all of them feature refined representations of pairs of putti flanking a mask. The upper part of the carpentry is instead subdivided by two shutters, both defined vertically by two individual pairs of poly-lobed moldings with bronze knobs at their centre. Lateral pilasters decorated with fretwork motifs and graceful capitals designed with a classic antique style complete the ensemble. In the upper part there is an elaborate trabeation embellished with distinct order. It is also worth saying that the cupboard is still equipped with its original squared shelves, with an upside-down owl’s beak.